Cassandra Atherton launching ‘Kiss of the Viking’ in Geelong

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Born in Bristol, UK, I came to Australia in the seventies when when the price of cigarettes went up. Teaching English was my passion for many years and that seems to have morphed into a love of writing in all genres but mainly poetry. I shifted to the coast five years ago and put all my energy into writing and creating a new garden.

In 2012 it was a massive surprise to find that a full manuscript had been shortlisted for Salt‘s Crashaw Prize, UKThis manuscript went on to win the Geoff Stevens Memorial Prize (Indigo Dreams) and the publication of ‘When I Saw Jimi’ in 2013. This is a retrospective of growing up in Britain in the sixties.

My latest collection, Kiss of the Viking, was inspired by travels to Scandinavia and is an attempt to capture Nordic Noir and the spirit of place. It was published by Poetry Salzburg in October 2014. The pink cover is not exactly me but a beautiful stroke of irony by Wolfgang and Andreas at Poetry Salzburg.

In 2016 IDP will publish a pamphlet that Terry Quinn and I have been working on together. We’ve called it To Have to Follow. It’s a collection of reply poems triggered by word, form, nuance-anything really. It seems to roam all over the globe in subject and style. Terry and I were joint winners of the Geoff Stevens Prize in 2013 and this has been a very happy and harmonious project.











Available here

Reviews  ‘Kiss of the Viking’ 

Lucy Furlong

Pippa Little http://www.thelakepoetry.co.uk/reviews/december14/

Anne Elvey

Also in The Journal-Sam Smith  and Envoi Paul McDonald



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Available here:  http://www.indigodreamsbookshop.com,
Amazon and The Book Depository

Reviews ‘When I saw Jimi’

by Pippa Little   http://www.thelakepoetry.co.uk

Also in UK’s The Journal and South poetry magazines.

And what they said about Jimi…

David Brooks These poems have an appreciable crispness, surprise, intensity and clarity. Maclean has broken through to that rare space-call it maturity of perception, a keen sense of image-that most poets never get to. This is strong and enlivening work.

Maria Takolander    I found the poems engaging and moving. I loved the boldness and edginess of it, but there is also so much pathos and vulnerability. This is poetry that you won’t want to stop reading. Its attractions are manifold: the milieu of the swinging sixties; love affairs that are by turns erotic, comic, tender and violent; unsentimental and powerful elegies; and an urgent attention to the surprising and plangent condition of our lives.

Chris Hamilton-Emery of Salt, UK has said of my short listed manuscript for the Crashaw Prize,  superb new collections….by major new talents.


An e-chapbook, You Love You Leave was published by Kind of a Hurricane Press (US) in Feb 2014.

You can download here for free. http://barometricpressures.blogspot.com.au/2014/04/you-love-you-leave-july-maclean.html

Maclean Cover













Links to interviews and features

Julie Maclean Tells Us Where She Is

Julie Maclean, interviewed by Stuart Barnes


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Links to some of my poems online














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  1. Hi Julie, good to be in contact you and thank you for the mention in ‘What’s New?’ Wishing you continued success with your writing projects, Josephine

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