How can I help you?


I love mentoring, wordsmithing, readings, interviewing writers, public speaking and conducting workshops at all levels in;

Short Fiction/Flash fiction
Creative Non-Fiction

Participants have said…

‘It’s the best workshop I’ve ever been to.”

‘It was excellent. I found it engaging and creative.’ 

‘….a fabulous workshop…thank you. Everyone appreciated your teaching skills, the material you prepared, ideas and suggestions…and your general empowerment and encouragement of every member of the group.’

Please contact me via Facebook or Twitter


      Hosting a fun evening with Graeme Simsion (The Rosie Project)
          and Anne Buist (Medea’s Curse) at Inverloch RACV, 2016.48d0602c-d69d-4fb9-bd62-1921941498b3


2 responses to “How can I help you?

  1. Hi Julie

    Saw your FB request but can’t get hold of you any other way than this.

    We’re definitely not cousins. Baber is not my birth name. It’s comlicated.

    You should tap my brother Daniel whose dad was from Blagdon and who, ironically is married to a girl from Kingswood and lives in Fishponds.

    All the best,

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