Port Campbell near the Cave that Echoes



The cove is a crumble at the far end
Fragile I say      You say I’m wrong
It’s always been this way     Everything nibbling
to the core    or is it just some shifting
to another space    I think of that clearing
on the clifftop     The ocean disappearing
eastward       Current forever chasing,
rejoining itself

We found a half drunk Lindeman’s Merlot,
a plastic water bottle cut in half for a glass
mini bell jar holding secrets, a memory
Forgotten hair clasp like ribs of a small
marsupial come undone  Skeleton home
for a Valentine beetle, if there is such a thing

I think of your ship in a bottle on the Ercol
sideboard    The diorama of the Somerset fox
with the funny eye,  dusty partridge in its jaw
I love souvenirs     Not the Kiss me Quicks
(the sort that pull the world apart)     but a rock,
a shell, driftwood in the shape of a seal
They fix things like nothing else I can think of


Published in Orbis, UK. ‘When I Saw Jimi’ Indigo Dreams, 2013

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