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Reviewed by Charlie Bayliss


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Reviewed by Lucy Furlong

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Reviews: Pippa Little
Anne Elvey


 ‘Julie Maclean, one of the major new talents shortlisted for the prestigious international Crashaw Prize in 2012   ‘… writers we believe have produced superb first collections of poetry.’ Chris Hamilton-Emery (Salt, UK)

 ‘These poems have an appreciable crispness, surprise, intensity and clarity. Maclean has broken through to that rare space – call it a maturity of perception, a keen sense of image – that most poets never get to. This is strong and enlivening work.
David Brooks (Southerly, Australia)


 ‘This is poetry that you won’t want to stop reading. Its attractions are manifold: the milieu of the swinging sixties; love affairs that are by turns erotic, comic, tender and violent; unsentimental and powerful elegies; and an urgent attention to the surprising and plangent condition   of our lives.’
Maria Takolander (writer, literary critic)

 ‘Voted a winner in the Orbis 159 Readers’ Award, attracted comments about the ‘wonderful use of language’; ‘brilliant… writing. Succinct (with) memorable images…beautifully structured…irresistible. A remarkable collection which conjures up England in the 60’s in such vivid detail with its stories and descriptions that yes, you really will remember being there – or long to go back.’
Carole Baldock (Editor, Orbis and Kudos)